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Rubank Book Of Alto Saxophone Solos - Intermediate

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Item number 1100027BA, 80 pages, $8.95

From a Hungarian dance to the sounds of a carnival in Venice, this book brings an international flare and flavor to the saxophone solo. Composers of many nationalities and styles have been joined together to create this awesome book. Piano accompaniment is also included.

Product Format: Instrumental Solo

Complete song list for "Rubank Book Of Alto Saxophone Solos - Intermediate" - Sheet Music Songbook
Elegie - Composed by: H. Voxman and J. Ed. Barat - 1959
Allegretto Brillante - Composed by: H. Voxman and J. Demersseman - 1930
Andante and Allegro - Composed by: H. Voxman and Andre Chailleux - 1959
Badine (Scherzo) - Composed by: Henry W. Davis and Gabriel-Marie - 1938
Canzonetta - Composed by: Herman A. Hummel and A. d'Ambosio - 1958
Carnival Of Venice (Air Varie) - Composed by: Henry W. Davis - 1942
Polovtsian Dance - From: Prince Igor - Composed by: Harold L. Walters and Alexander Borodin - 1965
Solo de L'Arlesienne - From: L'Arlessienne - Composed by: Herman A. Hummel and George Bizet - 1957
Estilian Caprice - Composed by: Gene Paul - 1927
The Duchess - Composed by: Richard H. Rehl - 1928
Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Composed by: Henry W. Davis and Johannes Brahms - 1938

More Information
   Difficulty 3 on a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being the hardest.
   A piano accompaniment is included with this book.
How to purchase this item: To purchase "Rubank Book Of Alto Saxophone Solos - Intermediate", just click on the "Purchase Now" button above. You will then have the option of placing your order online or ordering by mail or fax.

Return Policy: This product may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, excluding shipping charges.

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FastTrack Music Instruction - Keyboard 1
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The "FastTrack Music Instruction Series" is different from other instruction methods because it is user-friendly with plenty of cool songs that make it easy and fun for players to teach themselves. All books include a great play-along CD with professional orchestrations so you can either hear how the music sounds, or play along.
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Bosco And Kitty's Piano Magic
Bosco And Kitty s Piano Magic
Item number 1701515BA, 24 pages
Regular Price: $12.95, Our Price: $3.89
You save $9.06

"Bosco and Kitty's Piano Magic" introduces the very young child to the basic notion that musical sounds can be high or low, soft or loud, or combined in various ways. These musical concepts are explored via the books use of the "Twins" and "Triplets" - groups of two and three black keys - to develop the tactile, aural, and visual awareness prerequisite to all further music learning. With this book, children have endless opportunities to think in motion, as they deal with several concepts simultaneously. The book encourages the child to develop new story lines with Bosco and Kitty's "Twins" and "Triplets" as well as to be creative while having a load of fun. This is a great beginning for introducing the concepts of music to the young child through the use of colorful illustrations, wonderful characters and even a narrated storyline on an audio CD included with the book.
Please note that this book is not a songbook, but a story book that introduces a young child to basic musical concepts.

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